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Find someone who can teach you how to dream again. Someone who can clear your obscured eyes, support you with your dreams and goals in life, uplift your spirit when you feel weak, hold your hand when you think that no one loves you and be your strength for you to overcome your water-loo. Someone who can visualize what will be the next years of his/her life with you and grow old with you.

Find someone who can teach you how to fall in love again. Someone who can reinvigorate the butterflies on your stomach and make them glide again. Someone who can fill your gray-scaled world with colors and make you appreciate every little things in life. Someone who can accept your flaws, childish acts and baby-talks. Someone who can pacify you until you become okay. Someone who can make you happy and contented. Someone who can give you a smile that you will wear for a lifetime. Someone who can comply his/her promises to you. Someone who can make your life more meaningful, mornings even brighter and nights even better. And someone who can love you unconditionally and can submit his/her life to you.

Find someone who can be with you and never let go of your hand. Someone who can fight for you until the end, be with you through thick and thin, good and bad times. Someone who can be your light in your darkest night. Someone who can lean his/her shoulders for you to cry on. Someone who can hug you tight when you're afraid and be the source of your happiness. Someone who can protect you, care for you and do everything for you. Someone who can make you feel that you're the most significant being in his/her world.

Find someone who you can consider a best friend and a lover. Someone who can keep your deep dark secrets, ride on your weirdest trips and join you on your endless picture takings. Someone who you can talk and be with whenever you wanted to. Someone who you can share your favorite food with while watching your favorite movie. Someone who can stay with you until midnight talking about random things in life. Someone who can make your heart beat faster with those heart-melting stares and smiles. Someone who can make you feel younger and stop you from counting your years. Someone who can make you blush every time and make you feel important. Someone who can text and call you to remind you to eat. Someone who can text long sweet messages, serenade you every night until you fall asleep and wake you up with a phone call.

And most importantly, find someone who you can see yourself living and sharing the rest of your days, someone who you can forgive every time, someone who can have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and make Him the center of your relationship.

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I would rather be in your bed and spend the rest of my night with you. We will have a long and sweet talks, we will play pillow fight, romantic cuddle and feel each others breathe all night long. And when you're tired and sleepy, I will embrace you as tight as I could and serenade you through my lullabies. I will let you sleep on my arms. I will be your comforter just to keep you warm. I will stay awake and watch you sleep. I will touch your skin, kiss you slowly on your nose. I will stop your snoring through kissing your tender lips. And when morning comes, I will wake you up with sweet morning kisses. I will greet you goodmorning through non-stop I love you's and breakfast on bed.

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I just love City Lights. ♥

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